Our company CLIMACO LTD have been founded in 1997 with the vision to offer consumers with high quality, long lasting products that would fit their every house need.

Moreover, to offer guaranteed technical support and excellent service to all of our customers, while bringing them the best products available in the market.
If what you need is heating, cooling, gas or plumbing, CLIMACO has the right options that offer the best possible solution for every need of your space. Smart solutions to create a healthy, energy preserving and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Find more about our products and services, as well as our selected partners, in the following pages. You are always welcome to visit our showroom and see all of our products for yourselves.
CLIMACO offers you with gas supply 24-7 no matter where you are. Find out more on the advantages of a gas supply system and let us take care of the research, the design and the installation of the specific system you would need.
Offering a wide selection of boilers, gas heaters, accessories and products that cover all needs of gas supply networks, CLIMACO can guarantee you excellent solutions for your absolute satisfaction.

For any inqueries, consulting tips or any other information relating to current or new gas installations, please contact us on: (+357) 99 666253. We will be glad to assist you, by giving you the right and safe solutions to eliminate any trouble you may experience.

Liquid gas is the future itself.

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