In March 1999 something changed in Cyprus…

The opening of the first SUPERHOME CENTER store in Nicosia – the largest of its kind in Cyprus – provided the solutions that would satisfy every need for the home, garden, office, workplace or any other space.

The Cypriot consumer embraced this pioneering store and in very little time, SUPERHOME CENTER had become part of everyday life. The amazing variety of products, the impeccable level of service, the spacious parking areas, the ease of access and the reasonable prices confirmed the company’s slogan “…and look no further”.

In November 2001 a second SUPERHOME CENTER store opened in Paphos covering an area of 2000 square meters. Apart from the hundreds of Cypriots visiting the store on a daily basis, SUPERHOME CENTER in Paphos became an attraction for a large number of overseas permanent residents, proving that SUPERHOME CENTER stores provide the shopping experience that one can find in large similar stores abroad, thus covering the needs of yet another category of consumers in Cyprus.

On June 1st 2007, the 3rd SUPERHOME CENTER store opened in Mesa Yitonia, Limassol. This addition to the group of SUPERHOME CENTER stores is also the biggest since it covers 3500 square meters.

On December 6th 2007, the 4th SUPERHOME CENTER store opened. This store is the second one operating in Nicosia, and it is situated at the “Mall of Engomi” in Engomi, Nicosia.

In SUPERHOME CENTER stores one can find over 50000 different products covering 18 departments.

In addition, SUPERHOME CENTER stores provide specialized services such as wood cutting, on-the-spot colour mixing facilities, home delivery, as well as the possibility to collect bonus points on the ERMES CARD loyalty card scheme upon shopping from the stores.

Choosing SUPERHOME CENTER as your “one-stop destination” for all your home, garden and office needs is further enhanced with the monthly SUPER OFFERS – an array of products from all the range of departments at prices that cannot be matched by any other store in Cyprus.

SUPERHOME CENTER is a comprehensive solution for everyone and every need in a friendly and comfortable environment at the highest level of service.

SUPERHOME CENTER then… and look no further!!!

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