Salt & Pepper is a lifestyle. It supplies the means and suggests the ways of living in a youthful, colorful, informal home, nomadic without being porary, light. For this home, Salt & Pepper has put together a collection of designer furniture, lighting and decorating accessories to sit, sleep and eat on. Salt & Pepper design is a many-handed text transformed into poetry. Its image is fresh, human and contemporary. Some of the furniture designers participating in our contemporary furniture collections are Philippe Starck, Ron Arad, Ross Lavegrove, Tokujin Yoshioka, Karim Rashid, Rodolfo Dordoni, Patricia Urguiola, Christophe Pillet, Pier Luigi Frighetto and a series of other reputable furniture designers from the latest generation. Each with his/her own personal poetics, they have created well-designed products for everyday use, attentive to industrial manufacturing logic without forgetting the traditional skills of handcraftsmanship. Driade, Frighetto, Kartell, Gandia Blasco, Kundalini, Serralunga, Stelton, Bontempi, L atelier Du Vin, Henry Dean come together to create an elite designer furniture brands and the most spectacular collection of contemporary furniture Salt & Pepper has become dominant in the designer furniture market, improved its strengths within the company and introduced new collections with wonderful creative and business minds from all over the world. Salt & Pepper is a breeze in the industry’s future. In a market that is under pressure we continue to focus on innovation, design and customer needs. We work and make decisions based on personal insights, beliefs, values and positive mind. We believe the real strength is our team. Your support is invaluable to help make the next step a reality

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